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Azure VPN Gateways

A VPN gateway is a type of virtual network gateway. Azure VPN Gateway instances are deployed in a dedicated subnet of the virtual network and enable the ability to connect on-premises datacenters to virtual networks through a site-to-site VPN, to connect individual devices to virtual networks through a point-to-site VPN, and to connect virtual networks to other virtual networks through a network-to-network VPN.


In this lecture, you’ll be introduced to the concept and functionality of Azure VPN Gateway. The discussion will clarify how VPNs operate, creating an encrypted tunnel within another network to connect private networks securely over the internet. You’ll learn how Azure VPN Gateway enables different forms of connectivity, such as site-to-site, point-to-site, and network-to-network connections.

The lecture outlines the single-instance deployment of VPN gateways per virtual network in Azure and their ability to connect to multiple locations. Details are provided on the two types of VPNs—policy-based and route-based—emphasizing their differences, such as the static IP requirement for policy-based and the resilience of route-based VPNs to network changes.

Features specific to route-based VPNs, like IKEv2 support, dynamic routing, and the suitability for various connection needs, are also covered. While the details of setting up these features are not delved into, their relevance for the exam you’re preparing for is highlighted.

Moreover, you’ll be shown how the size and capabilities of a VPN Gateway can be determined by the SKU, and you’ll be walked through the architecture of a typical VPN gateway setup. The components within a resource group in Azure that make up the VPN connection to an on-premises environment are diagrammatically presented.

By the end of this lecture, you should understand the primary functions and capabilities of Azure VPN Gateway and how it applies to real-world scenarios. This understanding will be pivotal for both practical applications and for any exam questions related to Azure’s networking services.

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