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Tom's 20-Minute Tech Talks

Azure Bastion Explained

In this 20-Minute Tech Talk, Thomas Mitchell focuses on Azure Bastion, highlighting its role as a secure, fully managed PaaS offering for remote access to Azure VMs without public IP addresses. It emphasizes Azure Bastion’s benefits in streamlining connectivity and enhancing security through TLS-encrypted RDP and SSH access.

The talk covers the setup process, architecture, and various deployment strategies, demonstrating how Azure Bastion integrates with Azure’s networking features to improve network management and security. Mitchell concludes by positioning Azure Bastion as a vital tool in Azure’s suite, enhancing remote access management efficiency and security.

Azure Traffic Manager Explained

In this 20-Minute Tech Talk on Azure Traffic Manager, Thomas offers an in-depth look at Azure Traffic Manager, a DNS-based load balancer that efficiently manages traffic across Azure’s global regions.The talk details Traffic Manager’s six traffic-routing methods, such as Priority and Geographic Routing, highlighting their role in optimizing performance and ensuring high availability. 

Mitchell rounds out the Tech Talk with a discussion of the different types of endpoints that are supported by Azure Traffic Manager. The endpoints discussed include Azure endpoints, external endpoints, and nested Endpoints Their significance in traffic distribution is also discussed.

Understanding Azure Firewall


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