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An Introduction to Azure AD B2C

 In this lesson, I will introduce you to Azure Active Directory business to consumer, or Azure AD b2c.


In this lecture, the focus is on introducing Azure Active Directory B2C, commonly abbreviated as Azure AD B2C. You will learn that Azure AD B2C is a user identity management service that supports business to consumer relationships. The service enables customers to sign in to applications using various types of accounts, including social media, enterprise, or local accounts. An illustration of Azure AD B2C’s functionality could be a website allowing users to log in with Facebook or LinkedIn credentials.

The instructor also emphasizes that Azure AD B2C is a customizable, ‘white label’ solution. This means you can tailor the login interface to match your brand, ensuring a seamless integration with your application’s design. The technical aspect covered includes the authentication protocols that Azure AD B2C uses, such as Open ID Connect, OAuth 2.0, and SAML, which are compatible with many modern applications and software.

Moreover, it’s explained that in order to use Azure AD B2C, an existing Azure subscription is necessary. However, there’s a mention of an accessible entry point with a free tier option, supporting up to 50,000 active users per month without charge.

The session ends with a promise of a forthcoming demonstration on creating an Azure AD B2C tenant, and students are directed to a URL for additional information about the service. This introductory lecture sets the stage for a practical understanding of how Azure AD B2C operates and how it can be implemented.

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