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An Introduction to Azure AD B2B

 In this lesson we are going to take a look at what Azure Active Directory B2B is and what it offers.


In this lecture, you are introduced to Azure Active Directory B2B collaboration, which allows sharing applications and services with guest users from other organizations without the need for those organizations to have Azure AD or even an IT department. The invitation and redemption process is designed to be simple, allowing partners to use their own identity management solutions.

The process eliminates the need for managing external accounts or passwords and avoids the administrative overhead associated with supporting external users. Invitations are sent via email, and if the guest does not have a Microsoft or Azure AD account, one will be created upon invitation redemption. Furthermore, guest users can be managed through authorization policies once they are added to your directory.

The addition of guest users through the Azure AD portal and the management of those users is also discussed. It is explained that you can assign guests to applications and groups like internal users, and application and group owners can manage their own guest users, reducing administrative tasks.

The lecture also covers the licensing aspect of Azure AD B2B, indicating that guest users can access free Azure AD features without additional licenses, and for every paid Azure AD license you own, you can invite up to five guest users who can use the features available in that license tier. For further details on licensing, you are directed to visit a specified URL.

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