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Privacy, Compliance, and Data Protection Standards

In this lecture, we’re going to cover several compliance terms and requirements. We’re also going to cover several services that are used to set and maintain privacy, compliance, and data protection in Microsoft Azure. They include the Microsoft Privacy Statement, Trust Center, and Service Trust Portal. We’re also going to cover Compliance Manager, Azure Government services, and Azure China 21Vianet.


In this lecture, you will be introduced to the critical concepts of Privacy, Compliance, and Data Protection Standards, particularly focusing on the offerings of Microsoft Azure. Key compliance terms and requirements will be discussed, alongside an exploration of several services that aid in maintaining privacy, compliance, and data protection within Azure’s ecosystem.

You’ll learn about the Microsoft Privacy Statement, which delineates the personal data Microsoft collects, processes, and the purposes for which it is used. Additionally, the Trust Center is highlighted, a resource providing detailed insights on how Microsoft champions security, privacy, compliance, and transparency across all its cloud products and services.

The Service Trust Portal will also be introduced, a platform where you can obtain audit reports and compliance-related information to understand how Microsoft Cloud services can safeguard your data. Some of the content here is exclusive and requires authentication via a Microsoft Cloud Services account for access.

Moreover, the lecture will cover the Compliance Manager, a risk assessment tool within the Trust Portal designed to aid in managing your regulatory compliance activities with Microsoft professional services and cloud services. It offers a compliance score, recommended actions, and allows for managing evidence related to compliance activities.

For U.S. federal agencies and entities requiring the highest levels of security and compliance, Azure Government is presented as a separate and highly secure instance of Microsoft Azure, operated by screened U.S. personnel.

Lastly, you’ll gain insights into Azure China 21Vianet, a physically separate instance of Azure in China, operated by 21Vianet, offering many of the same services as global Azure but requiring validation for organizations that seek to operate within China.

This lecture ensures you understand the breadth of Microsoft’s compliance offerings and the related services that support privacy and data protection, equipping you with the knowledge necessary for managing compliance in cloud environments and possibly for related exam questions.

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