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Moving Files in Microsoft Azure

In this lecture, we’ll take a look at a couple tools that you can use to move or migrate files in Microsoft Azure.


In this lecture, the focus is on the tools available for moving or migrating files within Microsoft Azure, specifically AzCopy and Azure Storage Explorer.

First, the lecture introduces AzCopy, a command-line utility for copying blobs or files to or from an Azure storage account. You are informed that to use AzCopy, it is necessary to download and unzip the appropriate version of the tool for your operating system, whether it be Windows (64-bit or 32-bit), Linux, or macOS.

You are instructed that before using AzCopy, authorization credentials must be provided through Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) or a shared access signature (SAS) token. A table may be displayed to illustrate the storage types and the corresponding supported authorization methods for AzCopy.

After setting up the authorization, you learn that AzCopy can be used either as a standalone tool, in scripts, or alongside Storage Explorer. However, for the purposes of the exam that the lecture references, the detailed operation of AzCopy is not required knowledge.

Next, the lecture shifts to Azure Storage Explorer, a standalone application that enables you to manage Azure storage data on various operating systems. You learn about the prerequisites for running Storage Explorer on Windows, macOS, and Linux systems.

Once Storage Explorer is installed and launched, there are multiple ways to access Azure storage resources, including signing into Azure, attaching to a specific storage resource, or using Azure AD authentication. The lecture covers the variety of resources that Storage Explorer can connect to, such as blob containers, file shares, and queues, using different methods like account name and key, connection strings with SAS, or a SAS URI.

The lecture concludes with the guidance that for exam preparation, the crucial points are to remember the types of storage resources that can be connected using AzCopy and Storage Explorer, and the authentication methods applicable to each. The technical details of operating these tools are deemed outside the scope of the course and not necessary for the exam.

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