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Key Azure Management Tools

In this lecture, we’ll review key management tools that are available in Microsoft Azure.


In this lecture, you are introduced to the various Azure Management Tools that are available to manage and monitor Azure services effectively. The lecture covers the Azure Portal, Azure PowerShell, Azure CLI, Azure Cloud Shell, the Microsoft Azure mobile app, REST APIs, and Azure Advisor.

The Azure Portal is highlighted as a user-friendly public website that allows you to deploy, manage, and monitor Azure services. It is tailored for ease of use with dashboards, help links, and feedback options, though it is noted that it lacks automation for repetitive tasks.

The focus then shifts to Azure PowerShell, a module that enhances Windows PowerShell with Azure-specific commands. A demonstration of how to use the ‘new AzVM’ command to create a virtual machine in Azure is mentioned.

Next, the Azure CLI is introduced as a cross-platform tool that can be used on different operating systems like Windows, Linux, and macOS to execute administrative commands against Azure resources.

Azure Cloud Shell is described as a convenient, browser-based scripting environment that offers the flexibility of choosing between PowerShell and Bash, depending on your preference and operating system.

The lecture also discusses the Microsoft Azure mobile app, which provides the capability to manage and monitor Azure resources on iOS and Android devices, albeit with some functional limitations compared to desktop tools.

REST APIs are explained as endpoints allowing HTTP operations that are essential for developers who need their applications to communicate with Azure.

Lastly, Azure Advisor is presented as a free built-in service offering recommendations on improving high availability, security, performance, and cost in your Azure environment. It also allows you to download these recommendations for review and implementation.

The lecture concludes by emphasizing that Azure Advisor should be used when seeking ways to enhance your Azure resources and save costs.

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