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Azure Migrate

Azure Migrate provides a centralized hub to assess and migrate on-premises servers, infrastructure, applications, and data to Azure. It’s a single portal to start, run, and track your migration to Azure.


In this lecture, you’re introduced to Azure Migrate, which is Microsoft’s centralized hub for migrating servers, infrastructure, applications, and data to the cloud platform, Microsoft Azure. The focus is on understanding what Azure Migrate offers rather than the technical details of executing migrations, which is pertinent for the exam you will be taking.

You learn about the different tools available within Azure Migrate, such as:

  1. Azure Migrate: Discovery and Assessment – This is used to discover and assess on-premises servers, including VMware, Hyper-V, and physical servers, as well as SQL servers and web apps, to prepare for migration.

  2. Azure Migrate: Server Migration – This tool is for migrating various types of VMs, from VMware, Hyper-V, other virtualized servers, physical servers, and even those from public clouds to Azure.

  3. Data Migration Assistant – A standalone tool that evaluates SQL Server databases for potential migration issues, advises on benefits post-migration, and guides the migration path to Azure SQL services or VMs running SQL Server.

  4. Azure Database Migration Service – Enables the migration of on-premises databases to Azure, whether to VMs running SQL Server, Azure SQL Database, or SQL Managed Instances.

  5. Movere – Acquired by Microsoft, this SaaS platform is available through specific Microsoft programs and assists in server assessment.

  6. Azure App Service Migration Assistant – Assesses and helps migrate on-premises web applications to Azure.

  7. Azure Data Box – Facilitates the transfer of large volumes of offline data to Azure using a physical storage device that Microsoft ships to you with a maximum capacity of 80 TB.

The lecture emphasizes the significance of understanding what each tool does to successfully answer exam questions on Azure Migrate. You are advised to recall the functions of these offerings as explained in this lecture for the exam.

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