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Supercharge Your AZ-900 Exam Prep!

48-Page AZ-900 Workbook


This 48-page companion workbook complements my AZ-900 exam-prep bootcamp course perfectly.

Use this PDF workbook to follow along, while using the CHALLENGE QUESTIONS in each chapter to really drill home your understanding of all of theĀ  AZ-900 exam topics.



Practice Exams (150+ Questions)


This PDF collection of practice questions comes complete with over 150 challenging questions.

Each question includes a detailed explanation for every correct and incorrect answer.

If you can answer these practice questions, it’s a good bet that you’ll pass the actual AZ-900 exam!


Workbook / Practice Questions Bundle


This workbook / exam bundle includes the 48-page AZ-900 workbook AND the complete 150+ practice question PDF file.

Use this bundle in conjunction with my AZ-900 exam-prep bootcamp course to prep for the AZ-900 exam.

Power up your exam prep today with this outstanding bundle!


AZ-900 Course
Slide Deck


If you’re the type of learner who benefits from having the entire slide deck in print form at your disposal, I’ve got your back!

Delivered in PDF format, this slide deck contains over 600 slides from my AZ-900 exam-prep course.

Use the 600+ slide deck to study offline and to make notes!




The Success Bundle includes everything you need to prepare for, and pass, the AZ-900 exam. 

Includes the 48-Page AZ-900 Workbook AND the entire 150+ Practice Question collection, you also get over 600 slides from my AZ-900 course in PDF format.



Prefer Udemy?

My entire AZ-900 bootcamp, along with all these resources above, are also available on Udemy.

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