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AZ-900 Crossword 3 Answer Key

5.Azure _____________ is a service that allows network traffic filtering across multiple Azure subscriptions.
9.Private IP addresses in Azure are a ___________ offering.
10._______________ is the act of validating that users are whom they claim to be. It is the first step in any security process.
14.Every property in Azure is protected by Azure DDoS Protection __________ at no additional cost.
15.________________ security groups allow you to configure network security as a natural extension of an application’s structure by allowing you to group virtual machines and define network security policies based on those groups.
16.Office 365 is considered a ____________ offering.
18.Azure Cosmos DB is a _____________ offering.
19.Azure _____________ Analytics is a fully managed data warehouse in Azure.
23._____________ is an example of elasticity.
24.Microsoft ____________ delivers intelligent security analytics and threat intelligence across the enterprise and provides a single solution for attack detection, threat visibility, proactive hunting, and threat response.
27.For all VMs that have two or more instances deployed across two or more Availability ______________ in the same Azure region, Microsoft guarantees you will have Virtual Machine Connectivity to at least one instance at least 99.99% of the time.
28.The Apache Spark-based analytics service available in Azure is called Azure _________________.
29.The Blue Widget Corp has a Software Assurance agreement that covers Windows Server licenses. Because of this, the organization can leverage the Azure _________ Benefit to minimize licensing costs when deploying VMs.
1.______________ in system security is the process of giving a user permission to access a specific resource or function.
2.To run a PowerShell script on a computer that runs macOS, you must first install PowerShell ___________ on the machine.
3.Azure _______________ is a managed Apache Hadoop cluster in Azure that can be used to process mass amounts of data.
4.Before encrypting a VM in Azure, you must first create an Azure Key __________.
6.________________ refers to the ability to add compute resources when needed, while reducing compute resources when not needed.
7.Azure Key Vault can be used to securely store tokens, passwords, ______________, API keys, and other secrets.
8.For all VMs that have two or more instances deployed in the same Availability ___________, Microsoft guarantees you will have Virtual Machine Connectivity to at least one instance at least 99.95% of the time.
11.Azure Cosmos DB supports _____________.
12.An Azure VM is an example of _________.
13.The Azure App Service is an example of a ____________ offering.
17.Azure ________________ are used to define the requirements for Azure resource properties during deployment and for pre-exsiting resources.
19.Azure DDoS Protection _____________ is a paid offering that when combined with application design best practices, provides enhanced DDoS mitigation features to defend against DDoS attacks.
20.In Azure AD Identity Protection, a _________ risk represents the probability that a specific authentication request is not authorized by the identity’s owner.
21.Public IP addresses in Azure are a ___________ offering.
22.Azure __________ is a distributed network of servers that can efficiently deliver web content to users. It stores cached content on edge servers in point-of-presence locations that are close to end-users, to minimize latency.
25.You can use an _______________ to filter network traffic to and from Azure resources in an Azure virtual network.
26.Azure _________ Apps is a cloud-based platform that you can use to create and run automated workflows that integrate apps, data, services, and systems.

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