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AZ-900 MegaPuzzle Answer Key

2.In the SaaS model, the _____________ manages application data.
4.For all VMs that have two or more instances deployed across two or more Availability ______________ in the same Azure region, Microsoft guarantees you will have Virtual Machine Connectivity to at least one instance at least 99.99% of the time.
5.Azure _______ allows you to collect, analyze, and act upon telemetry from both cloud and on-prem environments
7.Azure Data _____________ is used to send terabytes of data into and out of Azure in a quick, inexpensive, and reliable way.
8.Azure _______ allows you to implement your system’s logic into readily available blocks of code
11.Azure _____________ Analytics is a fully managed data warehouse in Azure.
12.A _____________ support plan is recommended for trial and non-production environments.
13.__________ Storage is high-performance, highly durable block storage for Azure Virtual Machines.
14.___________ redundant storage replicates data three times within a single data center in the primary region and provides at least 11 nines of durability of objects over a given year.
16.The _____________ support plan offers Sev A responses within 1 hour and Sev B responses within 4 hours.
18.The purchase of hardware usually falls into the __________ model.
20.______________ provides managed domain services like domain join, group policy, LDAP, and Kerberos/NTLM authentication without the need to deploy, manage, or patch domain controllers.
22.Azure Key Vault can be used to securely store tokens, passwords, ______________, API keys, and other secrets.
27.______________ can be used to establish connections to Microsoft cloud services, such as Microsoft Azure and Microsoft 365.
28.The Microsoft _____________ Statement provides details on the personal data that is collected by Microsoft.
31.When an Azure service is in ___________ Preview, it’s only available to select customers who have signed up to the program.
32.Azure _________ Apps is a cloud-based platform that you can use to create and run automated workflows that integrate apps, data, services, and systems.
34.Microsoft Azure Storage ____________ is a standalone app that you can use to work with Azure Storage data on Windows, macOS, and Linux.
35.In the ________ cloud model, all hardware resources are owned by a third party, and shared bewteen multiple tenants.
36.For all VMs that have two or more instances deployed in the same Availability ___________, Microsoft guarantees you will have Virtual Machine Connectivity to at least one instance at least 99.95% of the time.
37.________________ disks are designed for 99.999% availability.
41.There are ______________ Availability Zones per supported Azure region.
43.Azure Identity _____________ allows organizations to automate the detection and remediation of identity-based risks.
44.You can use an _______________ to filter network traffic to and from Azure resources in an Azure virtual network.
45.The Azure ______ Service is an HTTP-based service for hosting web applications, REST APIs, and mobile back ends
47.An Azure _______________ is a boundary for permissions to resources and for billing.
51.The dedicated subnet for a virtual network gateway is named _____________, and cannot be renamed.
52.Public IP addresses in Azure are a ___________ offering.
54.A _____________ support plan is recommended for production workload environments
56._______________ is the act of validating that users are whom they claim to be. It is the first step in any security process.
58.Resource _______ are used to prevent accidental deletion or modification of Azure resources
60.__________ templates can be used to automate the creation of Azure resources.
61.When creating a site-to-site VPN between an on-prem network and Azure, the __________ network gateway represents the on-prem endpoint of the VPN.
62.Azure _______________ is a managed Apache Hadoop cluster in Azure that can be used to process mass amounts of data.
63.Provides fine-grained access management for Azure resources
65.Azure Cosmos DB is a _____________ offering.
67.The ability to increase or decrease resources for a given workload
70.When implementing a ____________ solution, the customer is responsible for configuring the solution.
73.When you deploy Azure VMs, you are leveraging __________.
74.The Azure App Service is an example of a ____________ offering.
76.Microsoft ____________ delivers intelligent security analytics and threat intelligence across the enterprise, and provides a single solution for attack detection, threat visibility, proactive hunting, and threat response.
77.In Azure AD Identity Protection, a _________ risk represents the probability that a specific authentication request is not authorized by the identity’s owner.
78.The ability to automatically or dynamically increase or decrease resources as necessary
80.You should select the _________ routing option when are using Traffic Manager with endpoints in different geographic locations and you want end users to use the “closest” endpoint for the lowest network latency.
82.An Azure ___________ can be used to prevent the creation of VMs in a resource group, while still allowing other resources to be created in the resource group.
84.When deploying multiple VMs to run a custom app that your company needs, if those VMs are deployed to at least ___________ availability zones, the app will continue to run in the event of a single data center failure.
85._______________ is one way to create an Azure VM from an Android tablet.
88.Azure _____________ provides secure and seamless RDP/SSH connectivity to virtual machines directly from the Azure portal over TLS.
90.Azure Cosmos DB supports _____________.
92.The type of load balancer you should use to load balance traffic inside a virtual network.
94.A ____________ is used to allow Azure resources to securely communicate with each other, the internet, and on-premises networks.
95.Before encrypting a VM in Azure, you must first create an Azure Key __________.
97.Azure _______ is used to create, assign, and, manage policies that enforce different rules and effects over your resources
98.Azure _____________ is a service that allows network traffic filtering across multiple Azure subscriptions.
99.provides developer services for support teams to plan work, collaborate on code development, and build and deploy applications
102.Azure _______ are used to logically organize your Azure resources
103.Azure ___________ Labs is a service that allows developers to efficiently self-manage virtual machines and PaaS resources without waiting for approvals.
104.The __________ Center can be used to identify whether or not Azure complies with your company’s regional requirements.
106.Azure Network ____________ monitors and repairs the network health of IaaS offerings like VMs, vNets, Load Balancers, etc.
1.Every property in Azure is protected by Azure DDoS Protection __________ at no additional cost.
3.A network security group can be attached to a network interface on a VM, a virtual network, or a ____________.
5.You can use the Azure _____________ to purchase third-party virtual appliances to deploy to your Azure subscription.
6.Azure Traffic Manager is a __________-based traffic load balancer that allows you to distribute traffic to your public facing applications across the global Azure regions.
9.Functions is a ________________ compute service.
10.An Azure _______ Gateway provides for the management of traffic to web applications
15.You should create a separate ___________ for each of the 5 geographical locations in your organization if they all need to specify their own payment options for Azure services that they consume.
17.The Apache Spark-based analytics service available in Azure is called Azure _________________.
19.The ability to react quickly. Cloud services can allocate and deallocate resources quickly
21.A ___________ cloud is created when a company extends its private cloud to Azure.
23.__________-redundant storage replicates your Azure Storage data synchronously across three Azure availability zones in the primary region.
24.Private IP addresses in Azure are a ___________ offering.
25.Azure _____________ can be used to estimate the costs of an Azure solution.
26.Azure Backup offers ___________ types of replication to keep storage/data highly available.
29.Web __________ Firewall can be deployed with Azure Application Gateway, Azure Front Door, and Azure CDN service to provide centralized protection of web applications from common exploits and vulnerabilities.
30.Availability _______ are physically separate locations within an Azure region
33.An Virtual Network _______ sends encrypted traffic over the public internet between an Azure Virtual Network and an on-prem network and provides a secure connection from an on-prem environment to Azure
35.Azure ________________ are used to define the requirements for Azure resource properties during deployment and for pre-existing resources.
36.An Azure Availability ___________ can be used to protect your Azure solution from a rack failure within an Azure data center.
37.If you want to be alerted whenever someone stops an Azure VM, you should configure Azure _____________.
38.To allow only HTTP traffic from the internet to an Azure VM, what can you utilize?
39.When creating a site-to-site VPN between an on-prem network and Azure, the __________ network gateway represents the Azure endpoint of the VPN.
40.A _____________ load balancer can provide outbound connections for virtual machines inside your virtual network.
42.Azure ________ Storage is often used to serve images or documents directly to a browser
46.Discrete markets that preserve data residency and compliance boundaries that typically contain two or more regions
48.To run a PowerShell script on a computer that runs macOS, you must first install PowerShell ___________ on the machine.
49.An Azure Availability ___________ can be used to protect your Azure solution from an Azure data center failure.
50._____________ is an example of elasticity.
52.An Azure service is available to all Azure customers when it reaches __________ preview.
53.A ____________-to-site VPN gateway connection allows you to create a secure connection to a virtual network from an individual client computer.
55.IP addresses, service tags, and ___________ security groups can be used as a source for an NSG’s inbound security rule.
57.Using __________ to label resources allows you to generate billing reports that show Azure resource utilization, broken down by department.
59.Office 365 is considered a ____________ offering.
62.The Blue Widget Corp has a Software Assurance agreement that covers Windows Server licenses. Because of this, the organization can leverage the Azure _________ Benefit to minimize licensing costs when deploying VMs.
64.Azure ______ is Microsoft’s managed network security service in Azure that protects Azure Virtual Network resources
66.Azure _____________ can be used to identify underutilized Azure VMs.
68.Azure __________ is a distributed network of servers that can efficiently deliver web content to users. It stores cached content on edge servers in point-of-presence locations that are close to end users, to minimize latency.
69.You can use the Azure _________ service to create a storage solution that allows Windows 10 machines to map network drives to it.
71.Azure _______ is a scalable, cloud-native, security information event management (SIEM) and security orchestration automated response (SOAR) solution
72.Azure _______ is Microsoft’s cloud-based on-demand computing service that provides computing resources such as disks, CPUs, memory, networking, and OS
75.______________ in system security is the process of giving a user permission to access a specific resource or function.
79.Azure Monitor workbooks can be used to automate responses to threats that are detected by Azure ___________.
81.The Azure __________ service offers a set of version control tools that can be used to manage code.
83.Microsoft ____________for Cloud provides you with a Secure Score, which allows you to see, at a glance, what your current security situation is.
86.Azure Site Recovery is used to provide fault _____________ for virtual machines.
87.Azure _______ is used to define repeatable sets of Azure resources that implement and adhere to standards, patterns, and requirements
89.________________ security groups allow you to configure network security as a natural extension of an application’s structure by allowing you to group virtual machines and define network security policies based on those groups.
91.Provides added security for user authentications by requiring two or more elements for authentication
93.An Azure __________ Security Group filters network traffic to and from Azure resources connected to Azure Virtual Networks
96.An Availability _____________ has its own distinct power source, network, and cooling.
98.Azure ________ are fully managed file shares in the cloud that are accessible via the industry standard Server Message Block (SMB) protocol or Network File System (NFS) protocol
100.A VM _______ is a set of identically-configured virtual machines that supports true auto-scale
101.Azure DDoS Protection _____________ is a paid offerings that when, combined with application design best practices, provides enhanced DDoS mitigation features to defend against DDoS attacks.
105.The ____________ model refers to the accounting model where you pay for services as you use them.

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